MindMap Gallery Mind Map Of Protecting Biological Resources

Mind Map Of Protecting Biological Resources

This is a Mind Map Of Protecting Biological Resources. The scientific word for the variety of life on Earth is biological diversity, or biodiversity. It encompasses not just species but also ecosystems and genetic diversity within a single species. Species coexist and rely on one another everywhere on the earth. Every living organism, including humans, is a part of ecosystems, which are intricate networks of interconnected relationships. Ecosystems that are healthy clean our water, filter our air, maintain our soil, manage the climate, recycle nutrients, and feed us. They supply raw materials and resources for pharmaceuticals and other uses. They are the bedrock of all civilisations and the lifeblood of our economies. It's that simple: these "ecosystem services" are essential to our survival. They are what we refer to as our natural resources. In EdrawMind community, you can get more templates of Biology or other topics in study, work and life.

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