HR Management Mind Map

HR ManagementRecruitmentTime to hireSourcing channel efficiencyNumber of qualified candidatesSubmit to interview ratioInterview to offer ratioOffer acceptance ratioCost per hireQuality of hireCandidate SatisfactionHires to goalDiversity rateFirst-year turnover rateDocumentationAccuracy of informationQuick accessibility of informationContent & ContextRetention & MotivationRetention rate of outstanding performing emloyeesEmployee Satisfaction indexRetention rate of poor performing employeesNew employee satisfaction rateMotivational eventsEvent attendanceEvent attendance durationSuccessive event attendance by same peopleFeedbackAttendance managementPercentage of attendancePercentage of late everydayPercentage of unauthorised absenceSeparationTime to complete the processFeedback receiving from lefty employeesLeave managementPercentage of vacation usedNumber of leaves utilized by a number of peoplePayrollThe number of times that salary was successfully released within first 5 working days of the month How many corrections had to be made as a percentage of the population accumulated over the monthsPerformance AppraisalRate of performance evaluation upon the year completionRate of probation assessment on or before the 6 months of new employee joining Rate of appraisal policy implementation Policy enforcement & implementation Percentage of all policy implementationPercentage of policy breaching incidentsNumber of policy implementation challengesLearning & DevelopmentNumber of people covered by the trainingsTotal number of trainings conductedNumber of modules developed in the periodTrainer evaluation percentageTraining evaluation percentageTraining experience evaluation percentageFeedback of bosses of trainees on specific improvements in trainees on training subjectNumber of people completed 4 modules in ayearSign up to turn up ratioPost-training quiz resultsRewards & PunishmentPercentage of recognitionPunishment rate declineFeedback about recognitions & those recognisedInternship & ApprenticeshipPercentage of intern/apprentice to the requirement given to HRConversion rate of intern/apprentice
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