7 Habits to Improve Productivity Mind Map

7 Habits to Improve ProductivityOverview Seven Habits Overview The relationship between the seven habits Two related concepts Mindset Emotional accountBranch 1. Be proactive 2. Start with the end 3. First things first 4. Win-win thinking 5. Know the enemy and understand yourself 6. Integration and Synergy 7. Constantly updatedPersonal domain Interpersonal fieldSelf-motivationSelf-motivation Attitude Be responsible for your own life Responsible for choice Reason is better than impulse Choose to respond to the outside world according to your own values Expand the circle of influence Passive Influenced by outside Let others' weaknesses control Affectionate I can only do this Language positive I can Try something else I plan to do negative I was born like this I am not responsible I can only do this in case... Language that shirks responsibility can easily be reinforced by fatalismPerseveranceDefinitionBefore doing anything, you must first recognize the directionIn principleTwo creationsConceived in mindIdentify the targettake actionsGo ahead with set goalsLeadership and managementLeadership is doing the right thingManagement is doing things rightMethodPersonal mission statementWhat becomeClear valuesCore areaSelf checkSelf-examinationset a goalVarious life centersFocus on spouse, family, fame and fortune, pleasureFocus on religion, self, principles, enemies or friendsUse your brain wellLeft brainlogical thinkingWord processingAnalysis calculatedLocal thinkingRight braincreativityImage memoryHolistic thinkingDevelop the right brainBroaden your mindMind walkthroughElement 1: IndividualElement two: positiveElement three: decisiveElement 4: VisualElement Five: EmotionIdentify roles and goalsFamily's Real Name DeclarationOrganization's real name declarationPriorityprerequisitesIndependent willDecision making and proactive choiceFirst thing firstFour generations of time management theoryPrioritizeDevelop organizational skillsThe first generation: use notes and memosSecond generation: calendar, calendar tableThe third generation: the concept of priorityFourth generation: maintaining output and capacityTime management matrixUrgent importantUrgency is not importantImportant and urgentNot important not urgentpracticeFocus on the second type of affairsAvoid getting into unimportant mattersUse spending two types of transactions to reduce one type of transactionsBe brave to say noSix Standards of Management MethodHarmonyBalance functionAround the centerpeople orientedFlexibilityEasy to carryFour steps to personal managementConfirm roleSelect targetScheduleDaily surveyThe secret of high performance-authorizationCommand authorizationLiability authorizationScheduleDaily adjustmentWin-win thinking Six modes Benefit others Selfish Self-sacrifice Lose both Be alone Good to get together Five essentials Win-win character Integrity mature Contentment Win-win relationship The essence of win-win is credit Emotional account Win-win agreement Performance agreement Five Elements expected results Guidelines Available resources Task assessment Reward and punishment system Win-win system To achieve the set goals Win-win process See the problem from the other person's perspective Recognize the main issues and concerns Determine the results that everyone can accept Various possible ways to achieve this resultKnow the enemy and understand oneself Listening levels 1. Turn a deaf ear 2. Pretend 3. choose to receive 4. concentrate 5. empathetic listening For understanding The key to emotional investment Mental air Prescribe after diagnosis Listening for understanding Confidant First understand the other party, and then try to make the other party understand yourself Proactive and responsive Always autobiographical reaction Witty judgment Get to the bottom Good teacher opinionated Effective communication There are skills in expression One-to-one communicationIntegration and synergy Cooperating with others value different psychology, emotions and intelligence The highest state of integration Essence The whole is larger than part of the carton Judge and respect differences and learn from each other communication Open your heart Integration and Synergy in the Classroom Integration and Synergy in the Commercial Field Three levels of communication Seek the third way Respect the differenceKeep updatingFour levels of self-improvement and perfectionHabit 7 is personal productivityFour levels of renewal naturebodyhealthy dietAdequate restExercise regularlyspiritHuman nature, core and persistence to the value systemAppreciate excellent literature or musicCommunicate with natureRead and think carefullyintelligencereadingreadOrganization and planningSocial emotionPractice in daily lifeChange othersShould not label othersMake emotional investment in othersDiscover the potential of othersAffirm othersBalance updateBalance the update progress of the four levelsSynergy in the updateBalance can produce the best overall effectEvery habit is inseparableSelf-renewal is the process of strengthening all habitsPhysical renewal = strengthening personal visionSpiritual renewal = strengthen self-leadershipIntellectual renewal = strengthen self-managementSpiral up
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