Mind Map of Maintain Quality Customer Service

Quality Customer Service
Identify Customer Requirements
Ensure Delivery of Quality Services
Evaluate Customer Service
Quality Customer Service
Role of Marketing Research
How to Identify customer needs
Conduct Data Analysis to Identify Deficiencies in Service Delivery
Informal Research
Formal Research
Primary Data
Secondary Data
Quantitative Data
Qualitative Data
Options to Improve Service Levels
Operational Focus
Staff Focus
Customer Focus
New or revised products
New Menu
Involve staff in planning
Building team work Spirit
Recognising Staff
Membership reward
Reward Faithful Customer
Develop Standards
Communicate These Standards
Provide Information to Colleagues
Monitor Customer Service to Ensure Standard are Met
Measure Actual Performance against Standards
Management Needs to Consider:
The Development Process
Possible Areas for Service Standards
Different Areas for which standards may be created
Development process for plans and standards
Identify several approaches towards quality management
Set up team of interested
Look at other venues are provided
Identify the area needed to improve
Determine the standards to apply
Your image, reputation
What competitors are doing
Identify customer expectations
Response Times
Service Guarantees
Pricing Guarantees
Product Quality
Document Presentation Standards
Personal Presentation Standards
Complaint Management
Orientation Program
Formal Meetings
Staff Briefing and Debriefing
Training Sessions
Observation and mentoring
Informal communication
At job interview
Include in internal Documents
Induction and orientation
Computer System
Printed Copies
Monitoring Methods
Areas to monitor
Talking to customers
Talking to staffs
Reading customer complaint
Guest Stays
Check Out
The reservation system (easy to use, user friendly
Our telephone or email manner
Cancellation policies
Credit card acceptance
Accommodation availability
Assistance with luggage
Check-in procedures
Room accommodation
Room status and availability
Information on hotel service
Cleanliness of service areas
Food service department
Gift shop
Room service
Valet Service
Housekeeping services
Front Office
Check-out time deadlines (reasonable and flexible)
Speed of check-out
Guest folio
Quantitative Methods
Qualitative Methods
Objectives of collective customer feedback
Types of customer feedback
Methods of collecting customer feedback
Identify the extent to which customer are satisfied
Identify the departments or ares in which there is satisfaction
Identify the precise areas of any dissatisfied
Identify what need to be done or improve
Direct communication from customer to staff
Guest comment cards
Online feedback
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