DESTEP Analysis Mind Map

Exploring Podcasts in English as a Foreign Language Learners` Writing Performnce ParticipantsDivision of the participantsExperimentalControlPlace of the study: King Saud University55 level 2 male students Technology DevicesiPadsMP 3 PlayersSmart MobilesiPodsTechnologies can offerMore Admiration & MotivationMore Innovative Supporting ToolsAffordable PricesAutomatically DownloadingPortable Storage CapacityAccessibilityConvinient Time & FlexibilityStudents` DifficultiesLimited Understanding of Classroom Lectures & MaterialsLoss of MotivationComprehending Course InstructionLack of Practice Probability of successResults (Significantly Higher Post-test scores)Better PronunciationFewer MistakesMore Fluent SpeechEnriched Vocabulary Phonetic AccuracyBetter GrammarKnowledge Enhanced Cultural AwarenessImproved Listening AbilityMethodology & InstrumentsGrammar Girl Podcast MaterialsESL PodcastPre and Post- Tests20 Weekly Hours Course Enhanced Grammar KnowledgeQuestionnaireLack of Fruitful InvolvementOptimized Self-learningMore HesitationAccurate WritingQuantitative Method