Mind Map of Myself

My selfI.Me II.My FamilyMy name is Wichuda Silathale My nickname is phakbung I was born on Tuesday January 3,2006 CapricornI'am 16 years oldAddress: 117/3 M.7 Kraburi RanongG-mail: std6411832@kraburiwit.ac.th IG : time_to_saygoodbayFather : Wittaya silathale Mather : Suporn ThongkongThere are 4 people in my familyI'am an only child V.hobbiesIII.Education IV.FutureAge : 44 Jop : Do gardening Age : 44 Jop : Do gardening fathermathercousingrandmothercousin : Chaninat thatsawong Age : 15Jop : Studied friend : everoneI studied science and mathI studied at high scool 5Kraburiwittaya SchoolMajor : biology Play with catListen to musicWath TVSleepJob/doctorUnivercity/ThammasatCountry/EuropeWant to be richI want to have a lot of catsUsing phoneSingingReadingI am planning to study in MasterWant to study medicine
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