How to Draw a Genetic Diagram

How to Draw a genetic diagramStep 1: Label your diagrams Step 2: Write down the parental phenotypesStep 3: Write down the parental genotypesStep 3: Draw the gametes and circle themStep 4: Draw a line from the first gamete of each parentand connect them at the bottom. Repeat this and connect the first gamete with the 4th gamete, 2nd gamete with the 3rd gamete, and 2nd gamete with the 4th gamete Example: Let T be the dominant allele for Tall and t be the recessive allele for shortwrite this the same way as the parental phenotypesStep 5: Label the connected points with the correct genotype and label it as "offspring genotype"Step 6: below the offspring genotype, labelthe points with their phenotype and labelthis is "offspring phenotype"Legendorange topic/subtopic = extra important
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