Mind Map about Media Convergence

Media ConvergenceTechnological ConvergenceEconomic ConvergenceOrganic ConvergenceGlobal ConvergenceCultural ConvergenceThe digitizaion of all media contentWorlds of creative possibilities open up to us because we can combine all these formseducational implication: development of educational technologies that support learningcreating synergies, integrating diffferent sections of the entertainment industry, one company controls transmediaeducational implication: faster economic growth for low-income or middle-income companies thus, theoritically, more students will be less economically disadvanteged. Subtopicthe natural result of diverse media worldeducational implication: creating distracted learners with short attention spans, less stamina, less depth & complexityintersection of media technologies, industries, and consumersconsumers become producers of media content thus affecting culture and controling narrativeeducational implication: learners can develop several valuable & in-demand skills, become more aware of how media is made and its goals, have the chance to tell their own storiescultures around the glob influence each other through sharing media contentdownside: cultural imperialismeducational implication: curriculums and the entire educational system becomes a tool to serve certain political agendas and create loyalties for certain ideologies or people / loss of identity and originality in students and future generations