Six Ways to Refuel Mind Map

Six Ways to
Refuel your highest
Make Sufficient Sleep Your
Highest Priority
Take a Renewal Break
At Least Every Ninety Minutes
Keep a Running List of Everything
Develop a Transition Ritual
Between Work & Home
Practice Appreciation -- & Savoring
Run Up Your Heart Rate or
Take a Nap in the Early Aftrnoon
Take a 20 to 30 minutes nap between 1 and 4 p.m., when most of us feel a wave of fatigue
Consider establishing a very specific way to disengage from work so you leave it behind
The most powerful ritual is to stop somewhere along the route home, such as a public park, and take a few minutes to let the day go, and to focus on the evening ahead
Look too for opportunities to appreciate yourself
Take time to savor small victories, give yourself credit where you deserve it, and forgive yourself when you fall short
Even very small amounts of sleep deprivation significantly undermine capacity for focus, analytic thinking and creativity
The research is clear: more than 95 percent of us require seven to eight hourss of sleep in order to be fully rested
It's now how long you work that determines the value you produce, but rather the energy you bring to whatever hours you work.
Two simple strategies can help
The first is to set a specific bedtime and to begin winding down at least 30-45 minutes earlier -- avoiding stimulating activities like answering email, & opting instead for more relaxing ones like taking a warm bath, or reading
The second is to spend a few minutes reviewing what's on your mind before you go to sleep, & then write down anything that's worrying you
Likewise, it's not how long you take off that matters most, it's how skillfully you renew
The more fully and frequently you download what's on your mind, the less energy you will squander in fruitless thinking about undone tasks, and the more energy you will have to be fully present in whatever you are doing.
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