Time Management Mind Map

Time Management
First Things First
Working With Other People
Saying No
Getting Organized
Combating Time Wasters
Personal Action Plan
Time Flies
How time gets used
Long Term Plans
Mid Terms Plans
The Right People
The Need for clear instructions
Change tasks to save time
Don't Hover
Motivate your people
Why is it difficult?
Why we should?
Just say no
What about the boss?
The cost of interruptions
Minimizing the impact
Fear of failure
The worst offender
Managing Interruptions
Your workspace
Effective communication
Effective writing
Effective reading
Email management
Telephone Use
Productivity Tools
The greatest time waster
Why uncomfortable is good?
When performance is inadequate
Recognizing reality
Identifying Opportunities
Handling Personal Interruptions
The future
Personal Development
Developing Your Plan
Where time goes?
Working hours?
Keeping a time log
Analyzing your time
How we work?
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