Main Characters
The one-eyed Armenian artist Rabo Karabekian writes his autobiography, recalling his apprenticeship, time at war, stint as an artist, and encounters with women. However, the secret in his potato barn may tell the story of Karabekian's life better than he ever could.
The Need for Community
Community relieves Rabo's loneliness and leads to his self-discovery.
The Horrors of War
War haunts its survivors and accomplishes nothing but destruction.
The Role of Art
Rabo explores how to define art and its relationship to life.
Rabo Karabekian
Son of Armenian immigrants, wounded veteran, and former artist writing his autobiography
Marilee Kemp
Rabo's love interest; transforms from an abuse victim to a powerful businesswoman
Circe Berman
Bold woman and successful writer; encourages Rabo to write his autobiography
Dan Gregory
Famous, abusive artist; despises modern art and admires Italian dictator Benito Mussolini
Rabo's Eye Patch
Symbolizes concealment of pain and damage from life's traumas
Represents resurrection and rebirth in response to loss
Sateen Dura-Luxe
Symbolizes the empty promises of modernity and life's absurdities
Vonnegut was an American author who is best known for novels that integrate satirical observations of American life and meditations on the human condition with science fiction. A WWII veteran and antiwar advocate, Vonnegut used events from his own life to write the fictional autobiography of Rabo Karabekian.