The Bourne Identity

The Bourne Identity
Main Characters
Jason Bourne is a former special forces fighter. After developing amnesia, Bourne searches for his identity and the assassin, Carlos, who took it from him. Across Europe and the United States, he finds love, money, and the
Entrer: the Mediterranean
Pulled from the sea, Jason Bourne doesn't remember his own name.
Theatre: Paris
Following the money, Jason and Marie track Carlos, the Assassin of Europe.
New York City
Jason confronts Carlos in the Treadstone building that holds his secrets.
Jason Bourne
Amnesiac searching for truth by pursuing his would-be murderer, Carlos; alias of undercover CIA officer David Webb
Marie St. Jacques
Canadian economist kidnapped by Bourne; becomes Bourne's lover after he saves her from Carlos; helps him figure out who he is
Alias of Inch Ramirez Sanchez; has many identities; pursues Bourne to kill him; escapes when Bourne tries to kill him in New York
Limits of Violence
As the bodies pile up, Jason doesn't know why he kills.
Lie of American Power
The CIA proves incompetent at pursuing Jason and Carlos.
Power of True Love
Motivated by love, Marie and Jason save one another.
Born in New York City, Ludlum began writing in his 40s after an active theatrical career. His 21 novels sold millions, making his name synonymous with the airport thriller genre. After his beloved first wife's death, Ludlum married again, and there are rumors his second wife may have been iiresponsible for his death.