Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Five Golden Tickets are hidden in chocolate bars around the world, and those lucky few who find them get to spend a day at Mr. Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Young Charlie Bucket happens to be one of them, even though he only gets to buy one chocolate bar a year. At the factory, Charlie vies with four obnoxious children to win the ultimate prize.
Mr. Wonka
Brilliant, secretive owner of famous chocolate factory
Mike Teavee
Smart, pistol-packing American boy; television addict While trying to sample Television Chocolate, Mike gets stuck in a TV set and shrinks.
Augustus Gloop
Greedy, enormously fat boy; only cares about food At the factory, Augustus falls into the chocolate river while trying to drink from it.
Poor, kind boy; innocent, thoughtful hero Charlie impresses Mr. Wonka with his humble behavior and is gifted the chocolate factory.
Veruca Salt
Spoiled rich girl; wants and expects to have everything
When Veruca is not given a trained sorting squirrel, she tries to get one herself but disappears down the nut chute.
Violet Beauregrade
Loud, brash girl; trying to break a gum-chewing record
Despite being warned, Violet chews the wrong gum at the factory—turning her into an enormous blueberry.
Copies of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sold in the United States in its first week
Children who visited Wonka's Chocolate Factory in an early draft of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Number of years between two of the film adaptations of the book—starring Gene Wilder in 1971 and Johnny Depp in 2005 as Mr. Wonka
6 X 7
Dimensions in feet of Dahl's writing hut, where he wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Magic of Candy
Goodness Prevails
Culture in Decline
Sweets are not an unhealthy vice—they are magical treats that tap into childhood experiences.
Charlie's kindness and good manners win the day—and the factory—as his selfish peers fail.
Charlie's four fellow contestants embody the worst aspects of modern society, such as greed and selfishness.
ROALD DAHL 1916-90
Througnout his life, Roald Dahl was a chocolate tester, an oil worker in Africa, a flying ace, a spy, a medical device coinventor, and a world-famous writer of children's books. He drew on his childhood passion for sweets while writing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.