The Chocolate War

A Catholic high school chocolate sale spurs a war for dominance. As Brother Leon connives to replace the school's ill headmaster, puppet master Archie leads a secret student group—The Vigils. Freshman football player Jerry is determined to stand up to them both and make a difference.
Jerry Renault
Archie Costello
Brother Leon, Archie, and Jerry go head-to-head in psychological combat.
Psychlogical Warfare
Jerry disturbs his universe by refusing to sell chocolates despite bullying.
Archie and Brother Leon clash as they try to control everyone at Trinity School.
Manipulation & Control
Brother Leon
Determined freshman on the football team; dedicated to resisting the chocolate sales
Controlling leader of The Vigils; self-absorbed and cold toward others
Sadistic teacher vying to take over Trinity School; makes a financial mistake and asks The Vigils to help him
The Chocolate War
Main Characters
Archie gains psychological control through assignments.
Beatings in Football
Vigil Assignments
Brother Leon pressures students into conforming to his schemes.
Jerry shows how to be tough, no matter what pain he must endure.
Roll Calls
Cormier was an American best known for his starkly realistic young adult novels. His books, including The Chocolate War, have been frequently challenged or banned because of their dark themes and pessimistic endings. Yet he has received critical acclaim, and his work has been translated into many languages.