Alternative and Complementary Medicine Nursing Concept Map

Alternative and complementry
medicine in nursing
Increased societal diverfication
necessitates increased awerness of
diverse farms of medicine
patinant could refule treatment by comtempary
madicine. Nurse would have to compty or conving
If patients is taking harbal supplamany or other
comprative madicine the could intract with madicine
Nurse being an educator could try to
infrom the paitent about not useing
alternative madicine or using it practically.
Ethnic differances in complamantry
and alternative madicine use among
patlents with diabetes.
alternative madicines are not yet fully
understood so their effects shouldn't be
simply discarded.
Many alternative medicine have
simillar effects as company
madicine and be more
acceptable to the patient
Even if an alternative madicine has no
active vable effection on treatment a
could be use as a theraptic aid.
Some harbal madicine
have actual phamacautical
effects and the patient
could make better
dicitions about what to
Fitness to practice for student Nurses principals standards and
Nurse would need an undertanging of the
phamacological affects of the madice to make daciriona
Edtorial the need for complamantry
and alternative medicine familliaration
in undergradute nurse education.
Fitness to practise for student
nurses principals standaeds and
Nurras knowlege, atitudes and professional
use of complanmentry and alternative madicine.
(CAM).A rurvey at five metropolitan hospitals in
Alternative madicine famillar with patients
traditional values could resure tham ar be used as
a phychological aid in addition to comtamporay
treatment or ugery.
Complementry and alternative
tharapies for plan mangement in
Complentery &
alternative therapies in
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