Diabetes Concept Map Nursing

Diabetes Mellitus
Type 2
Type 1 insulin dep
Chromosome 11
Auses omal Deminate
Gene mutaions
Carbolydate limisation
Exercise incrases insulin sensitiniting
Diagnostic Test
Heart Disase
Kidney Failure
Elevased Blood Glucase
Insuin Resistance
Muatices on CTLA 4; Cybotcoic
PTPN22; Lymphoid tyesing PhesPhase
Sudy reguatess Tecll actvasion, also
and Lupus, Artvise, Thyroid dsesase
Genetic Risk facors
Genese gactors not exedusively respcnside
for discrdec, viral infecions activatie
autoimune response
Heme A/C
Blood Glucose Monioring
Genesic mader testing
KCNJ11, Podassium charned gluess
secreson pathology
TCF 12; endoodes for secreson of insulin
PPAR; adpocy to differnation & glueese
Insulin Resisance
Mooy maure onset diabeoos of youth
Cause Mura sona of Gluc oldnase genes
and S other geness that regulase insulin in
the pancreas
T-Cells infian pancreas kill insulin
producing B cells
Auto ansbiodies are formed agains!
pancress Cells
HLA2 Alels gene mutasion, HLA DR3,4
inppropriase autoimmune activation
Aspatic acid on position 57 musates and
changes shpe of the molecle
decreasing its ability to bind to Tedis
474 2