Nursing Concept Map on Nutrition

Nursing management for
Client Education
Body Image
Quality Nutrional Intake
IBW Range
Protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C Intake
How Do Finding Affect Nursing
Patient's Weight
Normal Range for Lab Values
Areas of Assessement
Lab Values
Look For Physical Signs of Poor Nutritional
Nutritional History
Note Exact Weight in order to Calculate
Caloric & Nutrient Requirements
Nurse will include the clientin teaching
about adequate nutritional intake,
begining with establishing goals and
objectives about healthier eating habits.
Nurse will ascertain appropriate caloric
intake for client's age, weight, and height.
Nurse will instruct the patient to limit the
intake of added sugar, including sugary
drinks, to less than 10% of calories per day.
Nurse Will include the client in teaching
high in protein, Vitamin A, and vitamin C
Nurse will set appropriate short and long
term goals for patient's ability to select
appropriate food for meals.
Honey Buns
Serum Aibumin
RBC & WBC Counts
Serum Electrolytes Values
Self Esteem
Ensure Quality Nurtional Intake