Mind Map of The Age of Innocence

The Age of Innocence
A Scandalous Woman in poliet society
main character
Newland Archer, a fashionable young gentleman, is engaged to beautiful and innocent May Welland. When May's cousin Ellen Olenska returns from Europe seeking a divorce, she scandalizes society but offers Newland an irresistible vision of a world beyond aristocratic new york
Existential Crisis
Ellen's presence makes Newland question his assumptions about life.
vision of Freedom
In love with Ellen, Newland grows obsessed with escaping society's confines.
Subtle Triumph
May's quiet manipulations send Ellen away, trapping Newland in domestic duties.
Newland Archer
Young American aristocrat; grows disenchanted with society and longs for an authentic life
Ellen Olensk6
Flees an abusive marriage only to be condemned by New York as a disgraced woman
May Welland
Society's feminine ideal whose quiet cleverness defies her innocent exterior
Mrs. Manson Mingott
Aged matriarch; challenges and upholds social conventions