Book Summary of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland by the Numbers
Main Characters
Dive Into a Dream
When a talking white rabbit rushes past a girl named Alice, she follows him down a rabbit hole into an enchanted land. There, she meets a cast of ever-stranger characters who present her with a series of extraordinary tests. For more than 150 years, this book's charmingly nonsensical plot has appealed to readers of all ages.
Growing Up
Not only does Alice get bigger and smaller physically, but she learns to cope effectively with the strangeness of Wonderland and the advice given to her by mysterious characters.
self reliance
Wonderland is full of rules, but they are often nonsensical or cruel and have little to do with good behavior.
Wonderland confronts Alice with confusion, danger, and even death, but by the time she speaks up and dismisses the fantasy, Alice has learned to assert herself.
Times Alice changes size
Copies in the first print run, which were not sold because the illustrator thought they'd been printed badly
Languages into which the book has been translated
Price paid at auction for Carroll's own copy of Alice in Wonderland in 1998
7-year-old heroine
The White Rabbit
elf-important guide
The Queen of Hearts
Bossy monarch