Anne of Green Gables Book Summary

Anne of Green Gables
Main Characters
Determination & Imagination Build a Home
Anne Shirley, an 11-year-old orphan, is mistakenly sent to the home of an elderly brother and sister planning to adopt a boy. After a rocky start, Anne wins them over and grows into a bright, talented young woman who must make a difficult sacrifice to save the home she loves.
Importance of Restraint
When Anne's behavior gets her into trouble, she learns to moderate herself.
Looks Matter
Anne's appearance makes a difference in how she feels and how others see her
Authentic Self
Others may find her odd, but Anne speaks and acts in ways that feel right to her.
Anne Shirley
Passionate, dreamy orphan; finds a home with adoptive parents Marilla and Matthew
Marilla Cuthbert
Stern, reserved spinster who becomes Anne's mother; develops a deep love for Anne
Matthew Cuthbert
Shy, sweet, kind brother of Marilla; farmer who offers Anne the understanding she needs
Diana Barry
Anne's loyal best friend; kindred spirit even when Anne gets her into trouble
Motherless and with a faraway father, Montgomery grew up feeling as abandoned as her heroine Anne Shirley. She shared Anne's fierce commitment to education and her love for Prince Edward Island, but as the Anne series progressed, she gave her heroine the happy, fulfilled adulthood she herself would never see.
Canadian Nationalism
Many Canadian writers in the 1800s produced works set in Canada.
Home Children
From 1869 to 1932 more than 100,000 homeless children joined Canadian families.
Prejudice against redheads
Anne shares in the discrimination faced by redheads for centuries.
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