Anthem Mind Map

Main Characters
Born into a oppressive collectivist society, Equality 7-2521 has always been too bright to fit in. When he discovers electric light on his own, his attempt to share it with his fellows leads to exile. He realizes he was not meant to live to serve others but to follow his own heart.
A Light to Show the Way Forward
Ineptitude of Evil
When minds are chained to the weakest among them, progress stagnates.
Collective vs. Individual
A group becomes a monster if it suppresses individual desires and happiness.
Free Will
Because of his strong will, Equality 7-2521 is able to make his own choices.
Equality 7-2521
yearning to be a scholar; renames himself Prometheus and reclaims his personal identity
Liberty 5-3000
Young, gorgeous field laborer; follows Equality 7-2521 into exile and pledges her love for him; takes the name Gaea
The Councils
Oppressive, evil leaders; plunged the world into a second dark age; decide all laws by consensus and erased the word "I"
Symbolizes knowledge and the imperishability of the human spirit
The Color White
Stands for the uniformity that prevents personal expression
Represents both destruction and the hope for a better future