Louisiana Purchase Pros and Cons List

The Louisiana Purchase
Basis Facts
Constituional Predicament
Republicans Dislike
Date: 1803
Size: 828,000 square miles
Price: 50 million francs
Alot of land for a little money
began removing French from the the americas
Early influence of manifest destiny
Caused more conflict with Native Americans
didnt encompass all western lands including California
more land to govern
encompassed 15 current states
15 million dollars
Mexico had control of California
favored agrarian society
increased popularity of New Orlenas port over New
England ports
increased Republican power, and liking of Jefferson
Meriwhether Lewis
Jefferson believed strict Constituional interpretation
unconstituional fo president to purchase foreign lands
argued to the Senate to amend Costituion
studied botany, fossils, astronomy, and mathematics
Chosen and studied with Jefferson
became govenor of the territory
became Indian Agent
friend of Meriwhether
4.7k 1