Nursing Student Schizophrenia Concept Map

Nursuing Diagnosis:
1. Disturbed Sensory Perception RT
altered sensory perception AEB
delusings and hallucinations.
Patient will learn and verbalize ways to refrain from
reacting to hallucinations.
Student Name: Jeeica Friske
Nursuing Intervention/Rationale:(9)
1. Dependent - Maintain medication regimen
as ordered.
2. Dependent - Take necessary environmental
safety precautions if voices tell client to harm
self or others.
3.Dependent - Apply sendative or restraints as
per ordered for the safety of patient and
4.Independent - Recognize the client's
delusions and hallucinations.
5. Independent - Sympathy towards the
patient's feelings.
6.Independent - Provide and maintain a
calming and ressuring environment.
7.Interdependent - Encourage supportive
counseling and therapy.
8. Interdependent - Social skils therapies.
9. Interdependent - Vecational sheltered
employment rehabilitaion therapy.
2. Delusions
3. Disorganized Behavior
4. Disorganized Speech
5. Negative Symptoms
6. Amnesia
7. Anxiety and Paranoia
Diagnostics: (Lab/X-ray)
1. MRI
2. CT scan
3. Psychiatric Evaluation
4. CBC
Pathophysiology: COmplex disorrder involving
dyseregulation of multiple pethways in
its pathophysology. Dopaminergic,
glutamatergic, and GABAergic,
glutamatergic, and GABAergic
neurotransmitter systems are ffected
in schizophrenia
Risk Factors:
1. Family HX Generics
2. Birth complications
3.Auotimmune abnormalities
4.Past drug abuse during adolescence and
early adulthood
5.Structural and Chemical changes in brain
Complications & Actions to prevent:
1. Depression - therapeutic
communication, build a rapport with
2. Anxiety - calm, empathetic personality,
and quiet environment.
3.Suicide - keep close watch, anchor
them to reality from the hallucinations.
4.Drag Abuse-Constant checks of
possessions to ensure no drugs than
what they are prescribed.
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