Concept Map of Nervous System Key

Concept map : The Organization of the Nervous System KEY
The Nervous System
Central Nervous System (CNS)
1. receives and processes information
2. initiates action
1. receives and processes
sensory information
2. initiates responses
3. stores memories
4. generates thoughts and
Interneuron (association neuron)
1. located entirely within CNS
2. Short dendrites
3. axons long or short
4. converys messages between system parts in CNS
Spinal Cord
1. conducts signals to and
from the brain
2. controls reflex activities
Medulla Oblongata:
1. breathing, heartbeat, reflexes
1. consciousness
1. gatckeepers to the cerebrum,
1. maintaining/ restoring balance
1. maintains the homeostasis
2. links the nevous system with the
endocrine system
Corpus callosum
1. connects the two cerebral
hemispheres to share info
1. dilates pupils
2. accelerates heartbeat
and breathing rate
3. inhibits digestive tract
blood flow & peristalsis
4. increases blood flow to
skeletal muscle and CNS
Peripheral Nervous system (PNS)
1. transmits signals between the CNS and the rest of the body
Motor Neurons
1. carry signals from the
CNS that control the
activities of muscles and
2. short dendrite
3. long axon
4. cell body positioned inside
the CNS
Sensory Neurons
1. carry signals to the CNS From
sensory organs
2. Long dendrite
3. short axon
4. cell body is outside CHS in
Somatic Nervous System
1. controls voluntary
movements by activating
skeletal muscles
Autonomic Nervous System
controls involuntary responses
by influencing organs, glands,
and smooth muscle
Somatic Nervous System
1. prepares the body for stressful
or energetic activity
2. "fight or flight" response
3. neurotransmittre-
Parasympathetic Nervous
1. dominates during times of rest
2. directs maintenance activities
3. neurotransmitter-