Ikea PESTLE Analysis

Ikea PESTEL Analysis
The Lufsig doll incident was another issue
that entered the political realm of Hong
Kong and caused an eruption in the sale of
this artifact in Hong Knog in 2013.
The IKEA chain doubled the nember
of manufactured goods locally
procured in the UK.
IKA is working towards the renewable
energy sector.
Generation of good customer feedback
is essential to growing the business.
IKEA needs to follow the labor laws of
those countries where they are setting
up manufacturing units.
The company needs to address the
grievances of customers from different
countries to improve its status.
IKEA got mired political controversy when
its genesis was traced back to prison labor
camps of East Germany.
IKEA maneuvered the economic
crisis of 2009 due to its cost
leadership plan.
IKEA needs to follow cultural norms while
branding to avoid cultural repercussions
from different countries.
It has invested billion dollars in
developing the renewable energy
sector in underdeveloped countries.
Strengthening the e-commerce
platform is necessary to provide a
smooth experience to customers.
Labors form the backbone of a
manufacturing business.
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