Nervous System Concept Map Worksheet

Main Idea
How the nervous System Works 15.1
Energy signals from the environment
enter the nervous system and are
picked up through cells called
These messages are carried
through cells called
The 3 main parts of thesc
types of cells are the
and the
Impulscs lcave the
cell through the
Where impulses
enter the cell
Which contains
the nucleus
the gap between each
neuron is called the
The impulsc jumps
the gap by releasing
into it
Send impulses back
to muscles
There are 3 kinds
of these cells
Process the information
in the brain
lead to the brain
2 ways that the nervous system handles
information from the internal and
external environment are
it through the
or reacts to it
3 ways the brain handles the
information is
The nervous system directs the
body to respond appropriately
to help maintain
Floating Topic
Floating Topic
Changes in the environment that
cause reactions are called
Which change the information
into electrical signals called
122 2