Nike PESTLE Analysis

Nike PESTEL Analysis
Manufacturing laws and tax regulations are
bound to change. Thus, Thus, affecting the
growth of Nike.
The production cost of products is slowly rising
due to the development of economically
backward countries from where the production
of Nike products took place.
Production of nature-friendly products
and reaction of waste are promises
made by Nike to curb environmental
Nike can use data abailable from
technological sources to build
vantage points that will help in
increasing profits.
The case of false dicounts offered
by Nike is a legal issue that also
deteriorates the relation of the
company with its valued customers.
Work stress is common issue that propels
people to find some leisurely activites.
The stability of the American economy
Provides ample scope for the growth of
Nike with its favorable international tax
Nike can target markets that are emerging
across the globe.
Consumers in different countries are
mostly adopting a health-conscious
approach. Lifestyle changes also impact
Tax evasion is another vital legal
issue that the company should
urgently rectify.
The factories owned by Nike are known
to cause both air and water pollution.
Nike has made excellent use of
social media to incrase its brand
value. Interaction with potential
clients is also possible through
social media.
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