Starbucks PESTLE Analysis

Starbucks PESTEL Analysis
The government of many counties may have
some laws which are ideal for businesses
Most of the developing countries are
having an emerging economy.
The company's business can get affected if the
growth of coffee suffers from insects, diseases,
climate, or natural disasters.
As smartphone purchases have increased, more people
can access the delivery service to get their coffee
from home.
Licensing regulations and collisions with trade laws can
hinder the expansion of the company.
The food items offered by the company
are expensive condering their alternatives.
The tax policies and employment laws
of a company can have a specific impact
on its sales.
The increasing cost of raw materials and labor
charges can be a threat conerning the development
of their business.
The changes in the lifestyle of the people and
their choice of food can toll upon the company's sale.
The company needs to adhere to the employment
rules and product safety regulations proposed by the
law of the countries they are serving at thet moment.
The company can work on recyclable packaging
which can be environment-friendly.
The increasing technological aid can make the
journey of coffee from the farm to the mug smoother
and faster.