UK PESTLE Analysis

UK PESTEL Analysis
Higher level of ingluence is focued on internal
working, the reponsible and the proactive
Higher lever of GDP and with a diverse economy
England has a much better access to improved
level of technology
Increasing and high ratio of dependency, and the
overall cost of education
Some from of well-hidden corruption
A stable and fair country that offers immense
After Brexit, England has left Euro Zone, and
since then there have been several changes in the
economic conditions in England
Before the Brexit, UK has the 5th highest GDP
The Country offers a large numbers of benefits in
respect to public services
The Country cares for all of the inhabitants within
the Country
Cosmoplitan environment
The code of corporate governance with UK is
Known to be flecible as well as robust
The government in UK also follow different policies
for price control where the government control the
prices directly directly
Minimum wage rates
UK is surrounded by large number of natural
The snow storms and frequent floods result in the
failure of the local authorities
Some drawbacks in regard of the political system in
the UK
Increased level of expertise in the area of science
and development
Better access to technology
Effective level of laws on consideration to the
intellectual property rights
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