Biden vs Trump Issues Pros and Cons List

Biden Vs Trump
Health Care and
Benefits for Firefighters
Biden championed the PSOB program,
which provides death benefits to the
families of fallen fire fighters.
Biden helped push through the Zadroga 9/11
Act to provide healthcare and compensation
to those fire fighters who participated in the
9/11 response and recovery efforts.
Wages / Hours
Trump introduced a proposal to cut
SAFER grant funding by millions of
Trump slashed wage increases for
Federal Firefighters to just 1%
Your Rights
On The Job
Biden co-sponsored the Public Safetety
Employer-Employee Cooperation Act, to
establish collective bargaining rights for all
Biden will impose a national ban on anti-
union "right-to-work" laws, and reinstate
employee due process and official time for
all federal workers.
Biden supports the PRO act to restore
workers rights and bulid stronger unions
that increases wages and living standards
for American Workers.
Your Rights
On The Job
Trump diminished collective
baragaining rights for federal
firefighters. He has slashed and
imposed contracts on the federal
workforce across the country.
Trump eliminated official time for
federal firefighters - forbidding any
union representation work on the job.
Trump weakened employee due
process for federal firefighters
making it easier to fire employees
without just cause.
Pension Security
Biden opposes any attempts at so-called
"pension reforms." He maintinis that a
promise made should be a promis kept.
Biden always has and still does support
defined benefit pensions, ensuring a
dignified retirement.
Pension Security
Trump's budget also seeks to change
the pension formula for feferal
firefighters from final compensation
calculation of the last three years of
salary, to the last five years of salary.
This would effectively decrease the
overall retirement benefit package.
Trump's 2021 budget aims to erode
Federal Firefighter Pensions and the
ability to retire with dignity.
Wages / Hours
As Senator, Biden helped to create and Pass
the SAFER grant. He then doubled SAFER
grant funding vs Vice President, saving
thousands of firefighter jobs as a result.
Biden ensured firegighters receive their
earned overtime after 53 hours, through
FLSA exemption of EMS Personnel.
Health Care and
Benefits for Firefighters
After initial attempts to decrease
funding and tremendous pressure,
Trump finally signed a permanent
renewal of the Zadroga 9/11 Act.
Trump supports increasing Medicare
eligibitlity from 65 to 67 for all,
including firefighters.
Biden Proposes lowering the Medicare
eligibility to age 50 for firefighters.
Biden advocated for the HELPS Act
ensuring retirees can access health care or
long-term care insurance through tax-free
distribution of retirement plans.
Trump proposed a decrease in the
government's contribution to federal
firefighters health care, pushing
health care costs onto firefighters.
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