Biden vs Trump Pros and Cons List

Biden Vs Trump
Less anti-China rhetoric. Less tariffs. Less trade
wars. Business hates tatiffs and trade wars as
they create uncertainty and incrases costs.
Environment-friendly. Good for socially
responsoble investments like alternative energy.
Bad for oil, gas, and coal industries.
Will reinstate some regulations that Trump has
removed hurting some business sectors such as
Promotes weapon sales to Saudi Arabia and the
Middle East. Good for military company shares.
Keen on deregulation reducing costs for business.
No change to minimun wage.
Higher minimum wage currently at $2.25 per
hour. Should increase spending. Good for post-
Covid recovery. Higher costs for business.
Democrat: Social justice-friendly
Will raise company tax rate from 21% to 28%
Unknown entity - markets do not like uncertainty
(although he has had 8 years as vice-president)
Higher government spending (supporting
economic recovery post Covid-19)
Stable personality - markets like predictability
More traditional science-based leadership for
response to Covid-19
Inclusive style
Republican: business-friendly
Supports lower taxes: Good for business
Lower governmetn spending (less support for
economy post Covid-19)
Erratic personality - markets do not like
Confused leadership around the Covid-19
response. Lack of cihesion.
Divisive style
Known entity - markets like certainty
On-going anti-China rhetoric, tariffs, and trade
wars bad for business and share markets
Environment unfriendly (climate sceptic). Good
for oil, gas, and coal industry.
Bad for weapon sales to Saudi Arabia and the
Middle East affecting military company shares
1.9k 2 3