Columbia vs Brown University Selection Pros and Cons List

(with school badges)
Brown Pros
Cloumbia Pros
excellent academic requtaion - tier 1 rsearch school, HYPSM adacent in tems
of prestige, mostly in top 10 if not 20 on almost every int'l academic rating
deeply impressive alumni (obama, Alexander Hamilton, RBG, Warren Buffet,
much of the beat generation of writers, etc) speaks to prepariton and excellence
of schol, lots of living billionaires etc.
Core truly educates students and forces them to expand their minds. I sense that
Columbia grads in generat have a better exposure to that sort of "western canon"
backbone of culture which empowers them as thinkers. can also reference core
classes in later classes and core unites school. These are also some of people's
favorite classes!
Core all connected, meaning college not just a smattering of classes that are
unrelated (although arguably part of college is finfing the things that connect
As someone who sess a lot of music, NYC is awesome. also "city as a classroom"
type deal
quirky (sorta Uchicago-y), intellectual climate that promotes free speech
Deep interdisciplinary emphasis, very fitting for me as a person (I am essentially
equally good at my subjects and love stuff in teh middle). also i can take classes in
any department, could easily add a doule major and could even make my own
major. as someone who might be intersted in engineering, this is appealing
Freedom means students are excited about all classes, and pass/fail system allows
for more academic risk
Smaller, more intimate undergraduate experience. VERY strong (uSNWR #7)
undergraduate teaching with strong emphasis on undergraduate research and
undergrad TA-ing, both of which are awesome.
College town of providence insulated and makes Brown more of a community
tons of resources, huge endowment also means hugely diverse student body
hugely talented nobel laureate faculty
more prople means better alumni network most likely, also huge assortment of
merch in bookstore/online (as opposed to small selection at Brown) may speak to
alumni love for the school
nicer dorms plus VERY HIGH CHANCE of singles freshman year
much more collaborative place and very, very happy school with high quality of