Covey Time Management Matrix Mind Map

Quadrant of Quality & Personal
Leadership directly impacts how
easy or hard it is to manage the
Quadrant of Necessity
Manage the best you can.
Focus here. Achieve goals faster.
Be careful here. These activities may
appear urgent, when in relation to your
goals they are not.
Avoid as much as possible. The
more time you spend here the
fewer goals you achieve.
Managing Your
Time Effectively
Quadrant of Necessity:
Important, Urgent
Medical emergencies
Pressing problems
Deadline-driven Projects
Prepatations for scheduled activites
Quadrant of Quality &
personal Leadership: Important,
Not urgent
Quadrant of Waste:
Not Important, Not Urgent
Trivia, busywork
Junk mail
Some phone messages/email
Time wasters
Escape activities
Viewing mindless TV shows
Quadrant of Deception:
Not Important, Urgent
Interruptions, some calls
Some mail & reports
Some meetings
Many "pressing" matters
Many popular activities
Values clarification
True recration/relaxation
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