Ireland 1912-1949

Ireland 1912-1949
Easter Rising 1916
Pádraig Pearse
Joseph Plunkett
Thomas Clarke
Thomas McDonagh
James Connolly
Eamonn Ceannt
Seán MacDiarmada
Countess Markievicz
Eamon De Valera
Michael Collins
War of Independence
Bloody Sunday (Croke Park)
After Easter Rising - 1919 - Soloheadbeg, Co Tipperary
First day of Dáil
Guerrila warfare - Spontaneous attacks - Hid in countryside
Black and Tans
The Auxilliaries
Treaty Negotiations
Boundary Commission
Choosing a delegation - De Valera didn't go - Collins and Griffith = main delegates
British delegation incredibly strong
Dominion Status
Oath of Allegiance to the King
Dáil debates
Pro-Treaty Fianna Fáil
Anti- Treaty Fine Gael
Civil War
Pro-Treaty vs Anti- Treaty
Majority of country pro-Treaty so War of Independence tactics don't work for Anti-Treaty side
Majority of fighting in Munster
Michael Collins killed at Béal na Bláth
Home Rule Crisis 1912-1914
Home Rule is Rome Rule - unionists worried if Home Rule granted they would lose their voice
Unionist vs Nationalist
Eucharistic Congress 1932
The Emergency
Bombing of Belfast