Grammar C1 - Chapter 1 Sentences

Grammar C1 - Chapter 1: SentencesParts of sentence Main TopicSentence definition and constituentsSubtopicTypes of sentencesSubtopicDefinition of key termsDefinition of sentencesClause Phrasea group of words contains a subject and a finite verbEx1: Because I was late,/ they went without medependent clause combines with independent clauses11/17 - 11/17 : 1.0 DayEx2: I was late or Because I was lateDependent = Subordinator + independent ClauseA group of words does not contain a subject and a finite verb (n;prep;v;adj;adv phrases)Ex1: I like her expensive new car (N-phrase)Ex2: Chau hates working in the garden (V-ing)a grammatically complete unit stands indepently; contains an indepent clause with a finite verbComplex sentenceCompound sentenceSubording conjunction > its dependent clausesSimple sentenceonly one clause/ predicate Ex: I love you 1 or more dependent clauses2 or more than 2 independent clauses joined byCorrelative ConjunctionA coordinating Conjucntion [ FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)]A simi - colon _ Ex: My mother is a worker; my father is a teacher A colon - Ex: I can't go out side right now: It's snowing outsideConnecting adverb _ Ex: I am old; however, I'm strong Norminal clausesAdjective clauseAdverbial clausesEx: When it rained, we went inside Subject: noun, pronoun or noun phrasePredicate: Part of the sentenceDetermines concord (agreemend)Ex: My sister is beautiful (noun: My sister)Precedes the main verbstates/ asserts something about the subjectusually consist ofVerb: Action verbs and state verbsFloating TopicFloating TopicFloating Topicone of the main part of a sentence; expresses an action/ state of being/ ocurrence Floating TopicFloating TopicFloating TopicFloating TopicFloating TopicFloating Topic
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