Claims and Disputes in Building Construction Projects

Claims and disputes in building construction projectsContractorOwnerProjectDelay in work progressTime extension requestsDelays in site handing overConsultantHuman behaviourExternal FactorsPoor planning and schedulingLack of resources and staffQuality of work accomplishedLack of control over subcontractorIncompetence of the contractorFinancial failure of the contractorChanges of scope throughout the projectDelay of payments by the ownerRequest of acceleration to speed up the tasksThe unrealistic and unmeasurable expectation of the ownerLong line of authority levels in owner’s organizationIrrational decisionsFinancial failureChange in project scopeUnforeseen changesSite conditionsComplexity of projectChange of project locationDelay in utility approvals and connectionsDelay due to municipality, heritage, and other rules and regulationsDelay in removal of encroachmentsDelay in land acquisitionDesign errors in the contract drawingsIncomplete contract drawingsThe quality of designQuality of supervisionLack of resources and staffLack of communicationControversial cultureLack of team spiritUnexpected change in material priceShortage of materialsStakeholders (beneficiaries, local community, authorities) interferenceEconomic and legal factorsChanges in government regulations and lawsUnforeseen external eventsUnexpected changes in exchange, interest and inflation rateWeather condition
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