Hormonal Responses to Exercise

Hormone Responses to Excercise1) Neuroendocrinology2) Endocrine System3) Hormones and ExerciseNervous and Endocrine System -Endocrine system release hormone into blood circulate to tissue -Nerves use neurotransmitter to relay messages from one nerve to otherMain Functions1) Helps body maintain normal function 2) Prepares body for exerciseMechanisms1)Releases chemical messenger (hormone) 2)Transports hormone to target tissue1)Resistance Training (RT) Acute Program Variables-Intesity, Volume, Rest Intervals2)Aerobic, Plyometric, Sprint, & Agility Training Variables-Intensity, Volume& Duration, Modulation3)Other Variables Affecting Hormonal Responses-Genetic predisposition,Gender, Fitness level4)Hormonal Effects1) Concentration of the hormone in the plasma 2) Number of receptors available5) Classifications of Hormonal Responses and Adaptations1)Acute responses during exercise 2)Chronic changes in resting concentrations 3)Chronic changes in acute response to exercise 4)Receptor changes 6) Types of HormonesTestosterone, Progesterone and Estrogen, Insulin-Like Growth Factors (IGFs), Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH,), Insulin, Glucagon, Cortisol, Aldosteron, Formation Renin