Soil Erosion Study of River Basin

Soil Erosion studies of River BasinWest Flowing River Remote Sensing &GISRUSLEThe Study AreaLiterature ReviewPreliminary WorkCase Study on Konkan Region River basin Vashisthi River basin (VRB)Savitri River Basin (SRB)ShastriRiver Basin(ShRB)Basic information Application for Erosion StudiesData RequiredCase Study on West Flowing River of Konkan RegionEstimation of Rainfall Erosivity Factor (R)Estimation of Soil Erodibility Factor (K)Estimation of Topographic Factor (LS)Estimation of Crop/Cover Management Factor (C)Workshops/Seminars7 Day Online Workshop on Applied Research Methodology,MNNIT,Allahabad12 Week online NPTEL Course on -Soil Science & Technology3 Days Offline Workshop Application of RS & GIS in Civil engineering in GIT2 Week Online Course by IIRS ISRO on RS & GIS ApplicationExperimental Work on FieldBasin Area ( 2671.01 Sqkm)Basin Area (2263.68 Sqkm)Basin Area (2697.37 Sq Km)Data AnalysisEstimation of Conservation/Support PracticeFactor (P)Location (Latitude & Longitude)Elevation & AreaClimatic CondtionsData Availability ( Rainfall Data,Digital Elevation Model (DEM),Soil,Satellite Data,Observed Sediment DataStudy of Reasearch Papers since Last 30 yrsBased on various Components of RUSLE Study of Previous Papers on RS & GIS Based Analysis Study of Previous Paper on Experimental work in River BasinData Study on Various PapersBy Using RS & GIS data find the R Factor of RUSLE in VRBDigital Elevation Model of Vashishti River Annual Rainfall Erosivity Factor (R) for different stationsMonthly Rainfall Variation Analysis (2006-2021)Case study for Chiplun,Khed,Dapoli & Guhagar TalukaIdentified Locations for Field Work Next Semester PlanDevelopment of Low Cost Sampler to Collect sample from River basinFieldworkGIS Data AnalysisAdditional Liturature Review