Pre Colonial Systems in Nigeria

Precolonial Systems in NigeriaCentralisedSemi-CentralisedDecentralisedThese were large kingdoms governed by very strong kings (monarchs) with nearly absolute power. E.g. Sokoto Caliphate and Borno Empire.these were made up of small-centralised states. They are very similar with the large empire in terms of administration. They only differ in terms of size. Examples of such kingdoms are the Oyo, Ife and Benin EmpiresThese societies did not have a well- defined and complex centralised system of administration. Council of elders and age grade governed them. The system was characterised by separation of powers and checks and balances. Examples of such societies are Igbo and TivThese were the systems that existed before colonialism in Nigeria. In this course, we shall focus on four major systems (Political, economic, communication and educational). The following are its types
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