Factors - How time and interest affect money

Factors: How time & interest affect money Single-Amount FactorsUniform Seres Present Worth Factor & Capital Recovery FactorSinking foun factors & uniform series compound amount factor(F/P & P/F)(P/A & A/P)(A/F & F/A)Arithmetic Gradient Factors (P/G & A/G)Factor values for untabulated i or n valuesGeometric Gradient Series factorsDetermining i or n for wknown cash flow valuesThe formulaExcel functionspreadsheet functionG = Constant arithmetic change in cash flows from one time period to the next; G may be positive or negative.It is common for annual revenues and annual costs such as maintenance, operations, and labor to go up or down by a constant percentage, for example, 5% or 3% per year.Hand or Calculator SolutionSpreadsheet Solution