MindMap Gallery Three Key Embedded System Technologies

Three Key Embedded System Technologies

This is a concept map about three key embedded system technologies. A processor is a digital circuit that is used to carry out computations. A processor is made up of two parts: a datapath (which stores and manipulates data) and a controller (moving data through the datapath) Full-custom/VLSI IC technology provides excellent performance, small size, and low power. Semi-custom ASIC: Good performance, size, and NRE cost are lower than full-custom. Low NRE expenses, nearly quick IC availability, more expensive, more power hungry, and slower. The designer explains the required functionality at the system level in some language, usually a natural language such as English, but preferably an executable language! Designers must invest a significant amount of time and effort merely understanding and describing a system's desired behavior, and some studies have revealed that the majority of system problems are caused by errors in describing the desired behavior. Learn more about concept map or embedded system technologies, you can visit EdrawMind Gallery!

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