European Nations Settle North America

European Nations Settle North America
Native Americans Respond
The French and Dutch had the best
relationship with the Native
The groups did notlive in harmony
together,the dutch settlers fought with
various natives.
hostillity between the English
settlers and Native Americans led to
Metcom was a Native American leader who
led devestating attacks across the New
England area.
The sruggle for North
As they expanded thier settlements in North
America, the nations of France, England, and the
Netherlands battled each other for colonial
France and Englan started to
interfere with each other and
tensions rose.
In 1754 a dispute over lands in ohioled
to a war between the French and
The conlfict was known as the
French and Indian War
The English Arrive in Noth
In the early 1600's a English company set
sail from England and founded jamestown a
settlemet in North America
A second group of settlers known as the
pilgrams founded the second English colony
Plymouth, Massachusetts
They left England to seek religous
freedom and cruelty from the king.
They were known as puritans
Following the French and English the
dutch were the next to colonize North
The Dutch holdings in North
America became known as New
Competing Claims in North
The early French sailed west
in hopes to reach the East
Giovanni da Verrazzano sailed in 1524
in search of a route to the Pacific
Verrazzano decovered New
york harbor instead.