Independent Industry Validation of RTO Assessment Practices

Independent Industry Validation of RTO Assessment Practices
existing students
validation of assessment
Completion of credential + validation of assessment
Evaluation of Proposals
Value for Money
schedule showing full range of costs
eg. the elearning project
Range of Qualifications
payment schedule
commencement 30%
1st quarterly report 10%
2nd quarterly report 10%
3rd quarterly report 10%
Completion report 40 %
proj cond'ns
RTO + 2 ind partners $20k
attend quarterly workshops
provide quarterly repts
present at TaTE forum
final report
ind partners MUST be independent (not engaged with RTO
each partner in appl'n to have equal representation
appl'ns must be co-submitted by RTO & Ind partn
Skills Reform national Partnership
ACT Implementation
2012-2013 RFP
14 Dec RFP
8 Feb apps close
4-14 s/l and presentations to panel
29 March announcements
April-May proj begin
30 Dec project concl
Assessment Validation
RPL can be part of project
accord with principles of assess & rules of evd
meet workplace & regulatory req's
meet req's Trng Pkg or VET accred
Assessment tool
context & cond'ns
tasks to be done
outline of evidence to be gathered
evidence rules - assessment decision tree
admin, reporting, recording req's
Quality Indicators
Learner engagement
employer satisfaction
Student Completion report
Definition of validation: chkg that assess tool/s reliable, sufficient, current. authentic evidence. Includes reviewing and making rec's for improv to assess tool, process, and/or outcomes