How to Do the Social Media Marketing

undefinedundefinedHow to Do the Social Media MarketingFacebook"Connected"156 million usersfan page: everything they care aboutpurpose: making friends human nature: make things easier (laziness) curiosity satisfactionpomposity: include everything types of informationTwitter"Yours to discover307 million usersmicroblog: text basedfrequency: intrusivenon-important: things can be all discoverstranger friendly: @ any onetrending:participationSns Campaignconnecting virtual and realityexpressing feelingsharing feeling arouses interestsTumblr460 million usersBlog: interesting contentscreativity meme/GIFQuora"the best sources of knowledge"insights/points sharing professionalReddit"we power awesome communities""the front page of internet"36 million usersdetails exploration community discussionfan artYoutube "broadcast yourself"1.3 billion usersInstagram"Capture and share the worlds moments"400 million users
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