2020 Marketing Plan

2020 Marketing Plan
Brand goals
Expand the scope of communication, diversify the methods, and improve brand awareness
Highlight the advantages of the platform and increase the recognition of the platform by enterprises
User goals
Improve the quality of platform users and promote more accurate targets
Increase user activity
Increase user reliance and build platform reputation
Channel goal
Expand various types of channel resources and deepen cooperation
Maintain relations with various financial institutions and strengthen cooperation and promotion
Expand media resources and help platform promotion
Activity goal
Enriched activities, "online + offline"
Improve the quality and impact of events
Guided by big data analysis, more precise promotion
Based on industry classification, combined with actual needs to promote
According to the characteristics of each district, key breakthroughs and comprehensive promotion
User operation
Establish and improve the community operation mechanism to strengthen contact with users
Understand user needs, analyze and classify users
According to big data analysis, accurate push for users
Channel operation
Expand all kinds of channels with corporate resources
According to channel characteristics, select high-quality channels for in-depth cooperation
Event operation
In order to attract new users, we will mainly cooperate with offline activities in various districts, and plan to hold 20 events
In order to activate platform users, 2-3 online events are planned
SNS marketing
Promote the platform brand through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
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