marketing(2)Strategic planning战略规划Process of developing and maintaining a strategic fit between the organization’s goals and capabilities,its changing marketing opportunities.step1。 defining company mission2. setting company objective and goals4.planing marketing and other funtional strategiccoparative levelmarketing levelmanagement levelupper managementmiddle managementlowwer managementcoperatetive levelmanagement levelfuntional levelex:CFO COO CEOex:general managerex: funtioner managermission statementshow the company objectibveshow what company need to do to accomplish in the larger enviromentMarket-oriented and defined in terms of satisfying customer needsneed to defined what is our businesswho are our costomerwhat should our company beone goalstwo objectivebusiness objectivemanagement objectiveStatements a business makes regarding its future.“We seek to become the largest maker of bicycles in the world”. Measurable step people take to achieve that goal.Objectives are specific.“We will increase our sales of bicycles by 2.5% each quarter of this year. We will open new branches and factories in Germany and France during the next twelve months.Goals are general.Set by business when promoting its products or services to potential consumers.3.designing business portfoliorefer addrefer addMarketing Strategy and Marketing Mix refer addManaging marketing process funtionplanningimplementationorganazationcontrolMarketing Analysis SWOT Analysis internal positive=strengethsinternal negative=weaknessexternal positivel =oppotunityexternal negative=htreatswhat it wants to do with each business unit. Involves choosing marketing strategies A detailed marketing plan Turning marketing strategies and plan into marketing actions Marketing Department OrganizationFunctional organization Geographic organization Product management organizatio Market or customer management organization Combination Organization evaluating the results of marketing strategies and plans and taking corrective actions Operating control Strategic control should re-assess its marketing strategies & programs from time-totime Checking ongoing performance company’s basic strategies are well matched to its opportunities.
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