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Observe & record
How do the parachute materials affect air resistance?
If the material of the parachute is changed to a plastic bag over handkerchief then the time of the descent will be slower and the accuracy will be better. This will create air resistance.
1-Cut a square from the plastic bag and a square from the paper that is the same size as the handkerchief.
2-Cut twelve 6”pieces of string.
3-Tie one piece of string to each corner of the plastic square.
4-Tie one piece of string to each corner of the handkerchief.
5-Punch a hole in each corner of the paper and tie a piece of string through each hole.
6-Attach a ball of clay to the bottom of the plastic square and handkerchief. Use the dangling string pieces for the attachment.
7-Stand on a chair or ladder.
8-Drop each parachute at the same height from the elevated location.
9-Have another person record the time from the moment the parachute is release until it hits the ground.
The parachute which is made from handkerchief will fall to the ground faster than the parachute which is made from plastic bag.
Our hypothesis is accepted
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