Interaction between learning and development

Thorndike opposed the ideaInteraction between learning and developmentPrevious conceptionsDiscussion between theorists of psychology and educationEvolutionary theorists like Koffka and the Gestalt schoolThe Zone Of Proximal Development : A New ApproachThe processes of child development are independent of learning.Learning is developmentThere is a relationship between learning and development.Acquiring a given response improves any ability to the same extent."The mind is a set of abilities"They postulate that the "influence" of learning is never specific; it is not a "process of acquisition of habits and skills".They oppose Thorndike's point of view.Every type of learning that the child finds in school always has a previous history.Learning and development are interrelated from the first days of the child's life and do not stop accompanying him throughout his life.The learning process is completely linked to the development process.He demonstrated that spelling requires certain skills to perform that specific task.He showed that the mind is not a complex network of general abilities as previously believed, but rather a set of independent specific abilities.They are independent of each other; therefore its developments are also autonomous.Starting some theories where they considered learning as something more than an "acquisition of the ability to think"2 evolutionary levels are delimitedLearning = external processThere are processes that occur by themselves without the influence of school learning.Development or maturation is considered a prior condition of learning but never as a result of it.Theories of reflexesDevelopment = elaboration and substitution of innate responsesDevelopment boils down to "the accumulation of all possible answers"Combination of the other 2 points of viewThere are two processes that constitute developmentThey are mutually dependent and interactive.Maturation (development of the nervous system)LearningThey are mutually dependent and interactive.of observationof attentionof memoryof thinking, etc.Development is always much broader than learning.Real evolutionary levelZone of proximal developmentLevel of development of mental functions, studying as a result of evolutionary cycles carried outDistance between the actual level of development and the potential level of development
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