Phil1010 Deism mindmap

Basic DeismCosmosIs determinedIs a closed systemEthicsIs intuitiveNature is not "fallen" but in its natural state, so humans have the ability to discern right from wrong "built in"Jesus' ethical teachings were just natural law expressed in words.Human BeingsGod will not reorder creationMiracles do not happenRarely held view since most human believe we can change our environmentPersonalPart of a clockwork universeNo connection to GodHistoryDeathLinearDetermined at creationRemains to be fully understoodLife beyond the physical?Core CommitmentsCold viewWarm viewUnderstanding comes as data is made available to historians who then apply human reason to make sense of it allDEISMPrime RealityGodIsAbandoned his creationIs NotTranscendantFirst Cause / CreatorBecause God is uninvolved, the Bible is not theWord of God but a book written by men with agendasImmenentTriuneFully personalSovereignProvidentialBecause He has no furtherinterest in His creationBecause He has no furtherinterest in His creationBecause He doesn't make mistakes,nothing needs to changeBecause He doesn't make mistakes,nothing needs to changeSelf-consciencePseudo-self-determinationNot Imago DeiUnable to transcend the systemCold view - NoWarm view - Yes, maybeModern DeismPopular DeismWarmSophisticated Philosophic DeismGod is personal"Follows the evidence"Sophisticated Scientific Deism Nature might have been decreed by "God" Created everythingEmptyIs PluarlisticCold DeismHostile toward ChristianityDiverse beliefs within the "7 Questions"Not historically considered a "school of thought" becausenot all deists hold every doctrine in common Warm DeismAmicable toward ChristianityKnowledgeWe can know the universe and God With no outside revelation, including the Bible which is not "God's Word""God" is superfluousThe universe is self-containedRecognizes an active BeingIs the source of moral dimention in humans"God" is the embodiment of the laws of physicsHas moral dimensionColdGod is an abstract forceGod is not necessarily involvedGood people go to heaven when they dieHumans are left to their own devicesPeople who are good might go to heavenwhen they die ... if heaven exists.Watches over humansWants us to be good, happy, and feel good about ourselvesGets involved when asked to solve problemsMakes no demand of humans to be holy, righteous, or even very goodSimple and VagueCreated everythingHas no interest in His creationLive secular livesMight be influenced by Christian virtues and societal moresIgnore the CreatorHuman reason is autonomousUse their own autonomous reasoning to determine their own goals in lifeReflect on their commitments to a semi-personal God and make goals they think would please God
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