Basic aspects about the methodology of the English teaching

Basic aspects about methodology of the English teaching Method and methodology Way to follow to achieve a material or conceptual purposeThree points of description philosophicalscientificeducationalassimilation of practical or conceptual activitiestheorythat is verified-through practiceway of organizingunderstandingMethodMethodologyWay to achieve a goalSettechniquesto teachMethod: approach design and procedurewordthat spreads and coversApproachtwo theoriesnature of languagelanguage learning.Desing connectionbetween language theories and learning specific programProcedure Any program hasgeneral and specific goalsthree aspects techniqueslearning practicetype of technique what to use to teach a new subjecttypedrillsand teacher help for better understandingtimespaceteamDefinition of language, learning and teachingLanguage To define language is not a simple taskLanguage is SoundsystemscommunicationspeoplecultureLearningAcquisition and learningdifferent definitions TeachingAcquisition intake and fluencyLearningis a monitoring deviceit is consciousit is a change in behaviorit is to acquire knowledge by study of experience.guidingfacilitatinghelpingacquiringTheories of first language AcquisitionsBehaviorist theoriesIt is based on human behavior It focuses Immediately perceptible aspects of linguistic behaviorVerbal behavior theorygeneral theory of learningby operant conditioningGenerative theories They hold that childrenlearn their first languageby means of an innate language mechanist Two theories explain this acquisition approach: The nativism Approach innate devicecomes with children when they are born Chomskyconsideredchildren are equipped with three propertiesAn innate hypothesis-making deviceA knowledge of language universalAn evaluation instrument Mc. Neill said that children possessed four linguistic elementschildren are pre-programmed to talk The Cognitive ApproachHuman mind levels memory perceptionthought meaningemotionLois Bloom stateschildren learn language by underlying relationshipsJean Piaget states language comes with children interrelationship between linguistic influence Acquired from the environment in which they live. Theories of Second Language AcquisitionThe Classical Behaviorism TheoryResearchIvan Pavlovdeveloped a theory Classical Conditioningwas based on training a dog to salivate at the sound of a fork. He tried to give insight how human learning process occurs he argued any kind of learning association tasksThe Neobehaviorism TheorySkinnerhuman learning is due to Operant Behavior type of behavior person performs in his own environment without the need of any stimulus but with the reinforcement of people.designed special method of language teaching Programmed Instruction The Cognitive Learning Theorymeaningful procedure Meaningful and Rote learningcognitive domain it depends of human needsgoalsaspirations and motivationsThe Humanistic Psychology TheoryCarl Rogers thinksLearning is developed in terms of effective operationsdesigned rules based on some person personal aspects. Learning Concept of what a is. Perception of accustomed to such environmentalAbilitythe teachers ought to have some basic requirements to be considered in this way. To be a facilitator To consider people as worthly individualsTo get in touch with studentsTo listen to them